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Thursday, June 05, 2003

I was inspired to start a blog based on an informal presentation at STAR East  by Brian Marrick and Bret Pettichord  demonstrating their Blogs along with Esther Darby and the little referenced J, but much appreciated Johanna Rothman  who actually has two blogs.   The FIT student, Andy Tinkham[Masters student soon to be PhD student with 6 years prior testing experience]  demoed searching for blogs and a proto type Ruby script for screen scraping StickyMinds, etc. as a RSS feed for a Blog accumulator.

Comments on STAR East:

Tuesday Tutorial – Reliability testing

I found Ross Collards presentation a good summary of much of what I knew and some ideas about better terminology.   The dangerous thing was Ross’ confusion about Orthogonal Arrays (OA) and Combinatorics pair-wise testing.   He listed AETG under OA even though the AETG paper itself compares and contrasts itself to OA and is clearly not OA.   I pointed Ross to a good example of OA for performance testing and my slide deck for understanding pair-wise testing [Adapted from other sources]

Wed Lunch – Certification

Steve Allot – ElectroMind – selling classes/training for BCS exam/certification.

British Computer Society (BCS) has 3 level exan (only 2 defined) offer through

Information Systems Examinations Board (ISEB) on Software Testing

Wed Dinner – Extreme Programming

I mentioned I had read a book review of a book against Extreme Programming (XP).  Other diners were interested so I sent them pointers to it and a previous article I’ve seen.  I’m on the Agile testing e-mail list and try to follow XP some.  I would love to personally try both XP and things like pair testing.  Another diner indicated he had done pair testing once and found it great.   I’m not sure XP is a panacea, but won’t judge it until I’ve tried it.  I just try to keep abreast of both pro and con camps.

Written up in App Dev Trends may 2003:  Hype or hyper-active? A review of “Questioning Extreme Programming”
A review of Pete McBreens’s book “Questioning Extreme Programming”  Dan Romanchik

See also:

Thur KeyNote:

As a colleague noted most interesting aspect of keynote was idea of illustrating with clip art of scissors what you actually will be cutting (not testing).

Thur Lunch

An interesting reference to Six sigma for software:  Six Sigma: Hardware Si, Software No!  Robert V. Binder

Capture Playback:

I sat through Mercury and IBM/Rational Robot talks.  Robot is still old simple Cap/Back.  Mercury’s new QuickTest has been updated based on the common criticisms over the previous years.  QuickTest abstracts away much of the scripting language into key-word written, data-driven tests.   It appeared to be a big step forward in friendliness and moving away from the worst aspects of Cap/Back.

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